All PALDEN garments are hand made by craftsman who, often for generations, are specialists in their particular art. This makes for some unique results: from a carefully weighted, asymmetrical hemline, to a shimmering neckline that catches any angled light, causing it to shimmer in movement. Yaki understands that design is kinetic, and that it needs to look stunning by itself, and even more so in movement.

She is clear that the PALDEN brand from the outset be synonymous not simply with individuality, but also meet exacting standards. All PALDEN designs can be returned for the life of the garment to fix any defect in the embroidery, beading, or stitching. Every single PALDEN design is a limited edition, restricted to single digit production globally. PALDEN believes that there is no higher praise than  individuality, and it shows in our work.

The next collections planned by PALDEN are focussed on sustainable fashion. Given the designer’s affinity for drawing on traditional fashion, processes and textiles, this was an inevitable evolution of the brand, and a way for both PALDEN and our clients to give back to an ecosystem that we are all, especially now, acutely aware of.

About the Designer

Yaki Palden studied design at the Raffles Design Institute in Bangkok, expanding her multicultural background that informs the varied fashion styles so evident in Palden’s craftsmanship.

Drawing from myriad sources, including Tibetan fabrics, Bhutanese weaves, and Indian embroidery. Yaki sought to label her brand after her middle name, which aptly translates to ‘glorious.’ Characterized by collections that are often both traditional and contemporary, at once both new and old, with an exacting attention to detail that make a PALDEN design more than just a garment. And with every PALDEN design restricted to limited editions, the crafting of each garment is intricate, time consuming, and exceedingly rare. Owning a PALDEN garment will mean that you are one of  no more than a handful in the world.

Deliberately foregoing the economies of scale of mass production, Yaki is firm about creating individual, limited-run collections. With her name on every label, this young designer would expect nothing less from herself.

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